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Shaking the Habitual

All the details from our regular updates to our stacks

A list of all the updates that have been pushed out for our stacks. You can filter to view one or other of these products using the buttons below.

Note: Source update notes are held over on the Source site.

Please ensure that you check Stacks regularly for updates to make sure you are always running the latest versions.


18 September 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with centred pagination in top to bottom sliders in some situations


19 May 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with captions css where a closing bracket was missing in some situations


15 April 2023

New features

  • Option to apply different caption styles at different breakpoints (Captions child stack)

Bug fixes

  • Default option not being immediately applied (Captions child stack)
  • Fixed various settings not being respected if slider in Fade mode
  • Fixed some css that could prevent border colours being applied in certain situations

New Splider ‘Source Plus’ demo project available showcasing a lot of Splider's power and including numerous tutorials.


22 February 2023

New features

  • Support for addition and styling of captions for Image slide types (Splider Image or Srcerer Image). To activate select the appropriate option in the ‘Add content’ dropdown. Custom text can be added or the Alt tag text can be used.

Caption styling can also be used with the Iconic gallery integration (Instacks) if captions are enabled in that stack.


20 February 2023


  • Support for lazy loading images when using Iconic gallery integration


09 February 2023

New features

  • Support for our Srcerer stack - can now add a Srcerer (Sizes) or a Srcerer (WebP / AVIF) slide type
  • Enabled initial support for forthcoming Iconic gallery stack from Instacks


  • Adapted behaviour of ‘Enable cover mode’ (for image slides) to use CSS as opposed to the inbuilt Splide javascript approach

Bug fixes

  • Fix for issue when using Fade type along with a particular combination of other settings


07 November 2022

New features

  • Option to add a negative number for the speed in the Autoscroll settings to scroll in the opposite direction (though note you will likely want to set the mode to Carousel so that there are slides for it to naturally move to)
  • Option to set the pagination indicators to reflect the number of available moves as opposed to the number individual slides
  • Support for Feeds stack (from Weaver’s Space). Can add a Feeds stack directly into Splider stack. To then use: add the desired Splider slide type into the Feeds stack and build out the desired template structure. This approach will create a new slide for every feed item.


  • Updated underlying splide and extension libraries to the latest versions

Bug fixes

  • Redundant navigation arrows now correctly marked as disabled in the HTML on load (and therefore can be hidden as expected)


22 July 2022

Bug fixes

  • Pagination can now be set to be centred again if using top-to-bottom direction (fix for 2.1.0 that added new option to position pagination at top or bottom)


15 July 2022

New features

  • Option to allow visible overflow of slider track
  • Option to 'fill space' for video slides when a slider height is specified (html / self-hosted videos only)


  • Allow negative values for offsetting arrows
  • Removed bottom margin on the arrow buttons
  • Option to hide pagination at a breakpoint
  • Add pagination offset option
  • Option to display the pagination at the top of the slider as opposed to the bottom
  • Option to change width of active pagination indicator
  • Removed default opacity of pagination
  • Updated splide.js to 4.0.7


14 June 2022

New features

  • Added controls for wheelMinThreshold and wheelSleep to allow ajustment of sensitivity


07 June 2022

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes / typos


06 June 2022

v2 of Splider available now (separate purchase required)

  • v2 of Splider is available now with huge improvements and new features
  • If you purchased Splider v1 in 2022 you can get it for free (email will be sent out to all qualifying purchases soon)
  • Stack setting in Splider v1 contains a 50% discount code for all other users.
  • Splider 1 will continue to receive maintenance updates.


06 June 2022

Initial release


14 April 2022

New features

  • Improved compatibility with Stacks


10 May 2021

New features

  • Option to layout slides in a grid format
  • Option to add a hash value to any slide allowing that slide(s) to be made active via the url
  • New setting for Data Attributes. This is an Advanced feature and allows you to pass in additional Splide options that are not available via the Splider stack settings.


12 February 2021

New features

  • Option to add content when using the Image Slide. You can add content below the image or over it. Positioning over requires the use of ‘cover’ mode in the parent Splider stack (and most likely the setting of a height value or ratio). This gives the same result as using a background image in a regular Splider slide but lets you take advantage of lazy loading the image and seo benefits from alt tag etc.
  • Support for a new child stack to allow easy application of colours from the Source micro framework (requires Source). View new demo.


05 February 2021


  • Moved the Splider js to bottom of page for improved page loading speeds
  • Grouped Image and Video controls separately in Edit mode


16 October 2020

New features

  • Grab cursor used if Allow Drag is enabled.


21 September 2020

New features

  • Option to set a custom easing value (for the slide movement) - in Advanced settings. You can use cubic bezier values or standard functions such as linear, ease-in-out etc.
  • Option to reduce the size/scale of inactive slides (so that active slide is larger)
  • Option to control the speed that styling transitions are applied
  • Option to ‘update on move’ which sets the active class prior to the slide moving (as opposed to after it has moved). This will affect when any styling effects are applied.


17 September 2020

New features

  • Added ability to set a Splider ID that can be used to target the slider via javascript (for advanced users only). See API documentation on the Knowledge Base for more information.


15 September 2020

New features

  • Option to link 2 Spliders in Sync mode (i.e. to use 1 Splider as the navigation for another!). Download new project file from Knowledge Base to see it in action.
  • Option to add a 'Styling Breakpoint’ value with additional options to set different values for the slide padding and navigation arrows above and below the breakpoint
  • Option to remove the default border radius on the slides (without first having to ‘style slides’)
  • Option to disallow ability to ‘drag/swipe’ slides to move through slideshow
  • Updated to Splidejs 1.4.0


01 June 2020

New features

  • Option to add a link to slides (excluding video slides)
  • Option to add a background to individual slides
  • Option to add a custom class to slides (excluding video slides)
  • Option to add a custom aspect ratio

Bug fixes

  • perMove didn't work properly with autoplay
  • Arrow alignment issue in rtl direction mode


27 May 2020

New features

  • Option to specify the offset value of arrows from the sides

Bug fixes

  • Styling issue with size of arrow button backgrounds in some frameworks


25 May 2020

New features

  • Updated Splidejs to v2.3.1
  • Option to not reset progress when pause on hover ends
  • Option to control alignment of slide content
  • Splide slides now reflect styling options in edit mode
  • Added support for Poster 2 (InStacks) freestyle templates. Present your blog items in a slider!


12 May 2020

New features

  • Video child stack. You can now add Youtube, Vimeo or self-hosted videos. Note: If using only video slides then you will need to add a height value or an aspect ratio value.
  • Video options. If you have added video slides then you need to 'Enable video' in the parent stack and there you can control autoplay, mute, loop and hiding controls
  • Styling options. You can now style the background, border and opacity of inactive and active slides!
  • Height ratio. New option to set the height / shape of slides by using an aspect ratio. This is especially useful if building a video or image slider. Also useful for 'top to bottom' slides.
  • Cover mode. Option to set any Splider Image slide stacks to 'cover' the available space. A great option to use in conjunction with the height ratio option for image slide shows.
  • Image child stack. Made the lazy load image stack a more general image stack


07 May 2020

New features

  • Option to disable 'pause on hover' for autoplay slides
  • Option to add in an opacity value for arrows at the start / end of a slide show (set to 0 for them to be hidden completely).


30 April 2020

New features

  • Option to control the transition speed of slide changes
  • Option to add a background colour to the arrows (NB: This will show as black for any existing instances of Splider and will therefore likely need adjusting before re-publishing!).
  • Option to add padding and border radius to arrows background


  • Enabled option to select an opacity value for Navigation item colours

Bug fixes

  • Both breakpoints settings were being applied even if only one was enabled.


27 April 2020

Initial release

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