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Scroller Plus

Advanced progress indicator

Customisable scroll indicators and messaging for your RapidWeaver / Stacks webpages.

For those that like seeing progress

A simple stack that shows a visual indication of how far down the page the user has scrolled.

Scroller Features

On long web pages having a visual indicator of your progress down the page can be a desirable feature. It lets the user easily determine how much of the article they have read / have still to read.

Select mode

Choose from 5 diistinct scroller modes!

Show percentage

Option to show the percentage value of how much of the page has been viewed

Customised messaging

Display changing messages as the user makes progress down the page.

And not to forget all of the features available in the basic Scroller stack too...
Style it

Choose the base colour and the scroller colour. You can also set what height you want the scroller bar to be.

Pin it

Have the scroller bar either at the top or the bottom of your page.

Add content

You can just use the scroller on its own or you can opt to add content above it.

Tune it

Adjust the z-index if required to move the stack above any nav bar you use

Scroller Plus examples


The core of Scroller Plus is the original (free) Scroller stack. Scroller Plus however has numerous additional functions. Most notably, 4 new scroll line 'modes' and the ability to add a scroll 'counter' to any text stack.

You can see a Scroller Plus scroll line in action at the bottom of this page (scroll to see it move!). This is the 'Dual' mode which uses 2 scroll lines - each going in the opposite direction. Also, within this Scroller Plus stack, a paragraph stack has been added and used to host the Scroller Counter. You can however use the scroll line just on its own (without any content).


Scroller Plus comes with 5 distinct modes. Check out the demos below that show Scroller Plus working on various other pages in this website.

Note: The demos will open in a new tab.

Normal mode

This mode is the same as the free version of Scroller. The scroll line expands from left to right across the page. From 0% at the top of the page to 100% at the bottom.

Reverse mode

This mode reverses the direction of the scroll line so that it moves from right to left across the page. From 100% at the top of the page to 0% at the bottom.

Collision mode

This mode splits the scroll line into 2 and as the page is scrolled the lines move towards each other until, at the bottom of the page, they meet in the middle.

Double mode (best with content)

This mode uses 2 scroll lines that both operate in 'normal' mode. This mode works best when you have added content into Scroller Plus stack as this then separates the 2 lines and provides a nice effect.

Dual mode (best with content)

This mode also uses 2 scroll lines. The top scroll line operates in 'normal' mode and the bottom line operates in 'reverse'. Again, the effect is best seen when content has been added to Scroller Plus stack.

The example on this page uses Dual mode.

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Scroller Plus

Add various scroll indicators and a progress counter to your webpages.

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