For when one way is better than the other

Turner is a simple Rapidweaver stack that allows you to advise your website visitors that the page they are viewing is better viewed in the opposite orientation.

Turner Features

Even well designed, responsive websites are often best viewed on particular devices and in a particular orientation (i.e. portrait or landscape). Wouldn't it be great if you could prompt your website visitors to view your site in the best way possible? Well, with Turner stack now you can.


Have the message display when the device is in either Portrait or Landscape mode

Style it

Choose the overlay colour and opt to use the built in text and images or use your own stacks!


The stack uses only CSS media queries to determine screen size / orientation. (The only JavaScript included is to allow a click/tap to dismiss the message)

Strict mode

The default behaviour allows the visitor to continue viewing in whichever orientation they wish but you can prevent this if you like

Turner Examples

If you visit (or are visiting) this page on a mobile device then you should see Turner kick into gear if you rotate your device into the landscape orientation. Notice that you can dismiss the message by simply tapping anywhere on the screen (though this ability can be turned off if required).

If you are on a desktop then you can trigger the message to appear on this screen by resizing your browser window to mobile size in landscape orientation.

The screenshots below illustrate how this works too. The stack in this instance has been set up with portrait as the preferred orientation. As such, when this particular page is visited in landscape mode then a message is displayed to advise the visitor that the page is best viewed in portait mode.


Buy Turner stack

You can buy this stack on its own or as part of our hugely discounted stacks bundle (find out more).

Please rotate your device

This page is best viewed in Portrait orientation
(or tap anywhere to view in landscape)