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Add fun quizzes and knowledge checks to your RapidWeaver / Stacks projects

Quizzer introduction

Quizzer is a stack that allows you to add an engaging and interactive quiz to any web page. Quizzes such as this are great for driving traffic to your website and for linking to via your social media networks
Test out the quizzes on this page demonstrating the wide array of features!


Quizzer offers a lot of options enabling you to set up your quizzes in a variety of interesting ways.

Add quizzes

Add beautiful, fully-configurable quizzes to your web pages. Use for fun or to allow user to test their knowledge.

Extensive options

You can use single or multi-choice questions and give constructive feedback based on whether the response was correct or incorrect.

Scores and ranking

You can (optionally) score and rank how well the user has done.

Engage your audience

Interactive elements within your content helps people to engage with and retain your content.

Incorporate media

Add images or video to your questions and / or answers to enhance the quiz

Your quizzes can be used just for fun or can be used as a 'knowledge check' within any educational content.

Additionally, quizzes are great for using to stimulate interest in your website / brand. Set up your quiz in your RapidWeaver / Stacks site and then send out links to it via your social networks with appealing text such as: 'See how much you know about…' or 'Test your knowledge on…' or 'How well do you know…..?'

Example quizzes

Try the following quizzes. Each showcases some of the different features available.



5 questions demonstrating different question types and also use of images.



Some questions that walkthrough some of Quizzer's functionality.




10 questions using a novel approach to question and answer delivery. Also made use of third party stacks to provide a background and other images.

The content of this is a bit dated now but it is a good example of using fun / relevant text for the buttons and feedback etc to theme the quiz.



This example includes:

  • Questions retained on screen whilst feedback is shown. This is achieved by selecting the option for 'Retain Questions'. Note: You also need to have 'Show feedback' selected. With these options, the correct answer(s) are tinted in the colour chosen for correct responses to visually show which were correct/incorrect.
  • Option to re-take the quiz. This is achieved by adding text into the 'Try Again' text field.
  • Limited questions. This quiz has been set to use 5 random questions from the full bank of available questions.
  • Randomised. Questions and answers are shown in a random order.
  • Indents removed. The answer options and the feedback are aligned left with question and button.
  • Score as percentage. The users score is displayed as a percentage. e.g. 80% instead of 4/5.



This example includes:

  • Questions count hidden. This hides the (e.g.) 'Question 1 of 5' text. This is achieved by unselecting the option for 'Show question count'.
  • Question number hidden. No number is shown before the question.
  • No start page. The quiz goes straight to the first question if you unselect the option for 'Include start button'.
  • Allows unanswered questions. Users are allowed to skip a question by hitting the Next button. This is achieved by unselecting 'Prevent unanswered'.



This example includes:

  • Colours changed. The colour of the buttons and feedback text have been changed (from the above examples)
  • Feedback hidden. Per question feedback has been disabled by unchecking 'Show feedback'
  • End of quiz review. Instead of per question feedback (disabled above) this quiz shows the user their feedback for each question at the end of the quiz (by enabling the 'Review questions' option).
  • Incorporating images. Images can be added by using the img tag and linking to the image location.
  • Embedding video. Videos can be embedded by (for example) using the embed code generated by YouTube. Simply paste this into the question string.

Quizzer Quiz File

The actual content for the quiz (questions, answers, feedback etc) is not created within RapidWeaver / Stacks. Instead, a separate file (in JSON format) is used and you link the stack to that. The file can sit in your RapidWeaver Resources folder or you can add it to an online folder somewhere and then link to it there. The latter option means that you are effectively 'warehousing' your quiz file and allows you (or others) to edit and update the content outside of RapidWeaver.

You can either create the required file by creating (or editing) your quiz file in a code editor or use our quiz code generator.

To find out more about the quiz file and its structure creation (and to download some examples) please visit the Quizzer Support portal.

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Quizzer lets you add beautiful and fun quizzes to your Rapidweaver sites.

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Below are some of the most common questions about this and our other stacks.

Stack FAQs

You could certainly try. And before Quizzer it might have been a reasonable option - certainly for adding single questions. But if you want to create a proper quiz then it is very hard (if not impossible) to achieve via most form stacks - certainly if you are wanting to provide things like per question feedback or to calculate scores etc.

Most online quiz generators offer a very limited free service. Even the paid versions are not particularly impressive. The options for styling your quiz are often limited and it can be hard to match your content to the rest of your site. Additionally, this approach also means that your quiz content is hosted on their servers.

General FAQs

Yes this stack has been designed to work in any framework. If you encounter any issues then please contact us with an example and we will do our best to resolve.

All our stacks use only local resources, collect no data and include no calls to remote servers or CDNs etc. As such the stacks are completely GDPR compliant.

We have a full supporting Knowledge Base including articles for all of our stacks and settings. If you can’t find what you need there then do not hesitate to reach out to us via your preferred channel.

The whole site has been built with Source micro framework. In addition, this page also uses (obviously). Finally, this FAQ section has been built with Toggle stack and the Bundle details section above uses Moreish stack.

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