Parallax effects

Add stunning parallax effects to images in your RapidWeaver / Stacks projects

Eye-catching effects

Simply and easily add subtle (or dramatic) parallax effects, to images on your web pages. With Parallaxer you can control the parallax direction, scale of effect and delay.
Scroll down the page and see the different parallax effects triggered as you go!


Parallaxer lets you do a lot more than just enable a moving image on scroll!

Effect direction

You can apply the effect in any one of 8 direction - e.g. up, down, left, right and even diagonally!

Works on mobile

The parallax effect works on all devices

Add content

You can add stacks content on top of the parallax image

Image size

Use the default image size or control the height yourself - allowing you to create full width effects whilst limiting the height.

Multiple images

Supply a different image for use on smaller and larger devices

A word of warning

This page has a lot more parallax images than would really be recommended. The key with using these is to use sparingly for the greatest effect. Subtlety will give the end user the best experience.

So be warned! There are images moving in all directions below! Seeing them together like this is the best way to showcase the range of options available.



You will most often use Parallaxer with images (such as the woman at the lake above) but the examples on this page all use different patterns as these nicely demonstrate the different effects that Parallaxer stack can offer.

Direction of effect

The full-width image above (of the woman at a lake) uses the direction of 'up-left'. For information, the image in this example has also been set to be 70% of the height of the browser window.

The images below demonstrate all 8 available directions. The effect for these has been set to be quite subtle but to see the movement pick a point on the image and see how it moves in relation to a fixed element like the border or the heading.

UP Left
UP Right
Down left
Down right

Addition of content

With Parallaxer you can also add some content over your image. There are 7 zones that you can use to add content to: Centre, Top-Left, Top-Right, Top-Full, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right and Bottom-Full.

This is especially useful for adding headings or logos but you can add any other stack (or stacks) that you wish!

Top left
Top right
Bottom left
Bottom right

Adjusting 'Scale'

You can adjust the scale of the parallax effect. A higher number creates a more dramatic and obvious effect. You'll probably want to generally use a lower number though as the more gentle, subtle effect is often preferred.


Adding a 'delay'

You can add a delay so that when the user stops scrolling the parallax effect continues fo a little while. This can create a really nice smooth effect that looks really natural.

To make the movement more obvious scroll down and then quickly stop scrolling. You'll see the image on the right continue to move slightly for a short while.

Delay: 0
Delay: 30


All of the examples so far allow us to view the parallax effect through the 'window' of whatever containing stack we have placed our image in. To achieve the parallax effect the image is scaled behind what you can see and then moves (in whatever direction you have chosen) behind this window and, importantly, filling the window at all times (this is why the image is scaled). All of the examples on this page (so far) do this.

The new unleashed mode does not scale the image at all and instead, the full image moves across the screen (still using the scale factor to determine the size of the effect).

This option will not be appropriate / desirable for every image but it can provide a really interesting effect for certain uses. (NB: The option to cancel this effect on mobile has been selected in the Parallaxer stack)


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Parallaxer lets you simply and easily add a beautiful parallax effect to images

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Sure. Check out this additional demo page where we show the parallax effects using more traditional images.

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