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14 April 2022


  • Improved Stacks compatibility


30 March 2021


  • Updated for Stacks 4
  • Option to control overflow


29 March 2019

New features

  • A whole new pattern element: Blobs!
  • You cannow add 20 blob shapes (and over 10 more regular shapes) to Popper stack.
  • Support for BWD's Scroll Mate 2 stack which lets you animate your pattern elements! You can now drop this stack in amongst the Popper child stacks (and then add your pattern stacks into ScrollMate). NB: In ScrollMate you must set the Postion to be 'Float in parent (absolute)'!
  • Added placement label in Edit mode to give a visual indication of where pattern will be placed in Preview/Publish mode


04 March 2019

New features

  • A whole new companion stack: Squiggler!
  • Squiggler lets you add animated squiggley lines as either a divider or to underline some text on your page.


21 January 2019

New features

  • Further options for positioning pattern blocks. Each can now be added to one of 9 anchor positions.


14 January 2019

New features

  • New pattern element: Lines!! You can now add diagonal lines along with horizontal and vertical)
  • New options for centering content (especially useful for divider patterns as previous version required you to contstrain the size of container - now you can just select your width and select 'Centre').
  • Options for setting your pattern to 'Centre-left' and 'Centre-right'.


03 January 2019

Initial release

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