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16 November 2023

New features

  • New option to add media (an image or video) into the cursor - with related styling options added to the main stack and the Style stack
  • New type of Rules stack to handle content that is dynamically added to the page (e.g. TCMS blog list items) so that items not available on page load can pick up the Magic Mouse cursor stylings too. Usage of this is somewhat advanced so please check the Knowledge Base for guidance.
  • New Font styling option in Style stack to style font if adding text to the cursor


  • Increased max z-index value to handle situations where huge values have been used in other stacks
  • Increased default z-index value
  • Support for stacks that hide Magic Mouse stack from the page to prevent any code from running in those situations
  • Option to specify pointer type for default cursor On Enter
  • Magic Mouse now better at overriding the default cursor (e.g. links and buttons) where the provided selector in the Rule stack is a parent of these elements
  • Increased default width for cursor text to allow slightly more on a line

Note: Version numbering has been adjusted to more clearly reflect that this version 2.

The Knowledge Base has been fully updated to reflect these changes.


07 November 2023


  • Added some extra icons to the default icon set (at-sign, aperture, book-open, bookmark, calendar, camera, check, film)

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