Markdown Link

Remote content management

Enabling the import and conversion of Markdown text held in a remote file.

Designed for Source


Remote control

Linking to a remote file allows you to manage the content from outside of RapidWeaver. That's right - you can easily update the content of the linked file and the published page will automatically reflect these changes!


Source styling

Source's powerful Markdown stack can be used to style the Markdown content - giving you all of the styling control you would get if adding the text directly to the Markdown stack.

Use other frameworks too?

The Markdown Link stack does not need Source to operate. It can be used in any framework (though will pick up only the default stylings of that framework or those applied via the use of CSS classes).

Use cases

This approach to displaying your content is especially well suited to sections of your web page that need to change frequently. It could be for a section that lists some special deals or another that points users to your most popular blog posts.

Or it may simply be that you want to have the option of changing some text / content at any time, without the need of firing up RapidWeaver, making the change and then republishing.

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Markdown Link

Enabling the import and conversion of Markdown text in a remote file.

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Below are some of the most common questions about this and our other stacks.

Stack FAQs

YES. Although designed initially for Source, the stack is completely self-contained and can be used to add remotely-managed content to any site built with any framework.

You should add the Markdown files to a folder on your server. You then simply point the Markdown Link stack to the location (by supplying the url to it) and the published page will pull in that content.
You could add the Markdown files to RW Resources but be aware that re-publishing the project would overwrite any changes that you may have made remotely!

The file explorer on your server will allow you to edit the file directly.
Or, if you have a stack such as Instack's excellent Repository stack then you can use that to access and edit your remote files via a nice interface. This approach also opens up the option of allowing your client to have access to these files and therefore make some of these changes themselves!

Yes - you just build your Stacks page as you normally would but for any areas where you want to be able to manage the text content from outside of RapidWeaver you simply add a Markdown Link stack.

Markdown lets you easily add all sorts of content such as text, headings, tables, images, quotes and lists (and much more!) meaning that you could actually manage substantial sections of your web page using this approach if you so wished.
Additionally, you can add HTML within a markdown file so you could also add things like buttons etc.

Absolutely! You can use as many as you like. You could add one for every text section on your page if you really wanted / needed that kind of control outside of Stacks / RapidWeaver.

In the Markdown Link stack you can opt to show some fallback content if the linked file cannot be found. The fallback text is also written in Markdown. Your fallback text could, for example, say that there are no current deals and to check back later - if a file called is not found.

If you are using Source then simply set the 'MD source' of the Source Markdown stack to be 'Linked file' - you can then use the Source Markdown stack's styling settings as you would with regular Markdown content.
If you are not using Source then the Markdown will pick up the general stylings of your chosen framework. There is the option of adding custom classes to the Markdown Link stack to assist with custom styling.

General FAQs

All our stacks use only local resources, collect no data and include no calls to remote servers or CDNs etc. As such the stacks are completely GDPR compliant.

We have a full supporting Knowledge Base including articles for all of our stacks and settings. If you can’t find what you need there then do not hesitate to reach out to us via your preferred channel.

The whole site has been built with Source micro framework. In addition, this page also uses (obviously). Finally, this FAQ section has been built with Toggle stack and the Bundle details section above uses Moreish stack.

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