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16 September 2023


  • Refactored code to eliminate requirement for jQuery
  • Adjusted loading of javascript to improve efficiency


10 September 2023

New features

  • Annotations! - option to add annotated lines to your charts. Great for target lines etc.


  • Option to set a decimal value for axes min and max values


14 April 2022


  • Improved Stacks compatibility


29 April 2020

New features

  • Added span gaps option


18 June 2019

New features

  • Added more formatting options for datalabels
  • Added styling and localisation options to data labels
  • Added offset lines option


04 April 2019

New features

  • Updated chart.js to v2.8.0
  • Updated datalabels plugin to v0.6.0


04 February 2019

New features

  • Option to pass Charter a variable value as the csv link

Bug fixes

  • Issue where charts with more than 5 datasets would display datalabels on datasets 6+
  • Issue where toggling datalabels on (or off) was inconsistently respected


26 November 2018

New features

The 'Data Labels' release

  • Option to add data labels to a dataset
  • Options to position / style the labels
  • Option to control border width & radius (global settings in new Data Labels setting group)
  • Option to add padding to the values on the Y-Axis. (This is helpful if using data labels)


02 September 2018

New features

  • Ability to hide (filter out) any dataset on load
  • Option to 'Transpose' a CSV / Google Sheet data source. This essentially flips the rows and the columns and is especially useful if utilising a form to collect data (as this approach tends to add data by row as opposed to column).
  • Option to specify hover colours by dataset (NB: background/fill hover colour not used when using a custom array)
  • Custom colour array option added to all datasets
  • Option to select the Tooltip 'mode' (this affects what data point(s) are displayed in the tooltip)
  • Ability to customise Tooltip text (simple and advanced options available):
    • Simple: Prepend or Append text to the value (useful to add in units info / symbols e.g. £,$ or %)
    • Simple: Option to 'localise' numerical value (i.e. the value will be shown in the viewer's country's format e.g. with commas as 1000s separators etc)
    • Advanced: The option to utilise Chart.js callbacks to fully customise the tooltip content. NB: Some snippets are provided as examples but no support is offered for this function. You can search Google / StackOverflow to find solutions that meet your particular needs.
  • Ability to customise axis data values. As with the Tooltips, you can:
    • Prepend or Append text to the value (useful to add in units info / symbols e.g. £,$ or %)
      • 'Localise' numerical value (i.e. the value will be shown in the viewer's country's format e.g. with commas as 1000s separators etc)
  • Ability to reverse the order of the legend items (especially useful for stacked Bar or Line charts and when Legend is positioned left or right)
  • Accessibility improvements - Scope to add a chart description that will provide an 'aria-label' for use with assistive technologies such as screen readers
  • Ability to specify the cutout percentage of a Doughnut chart (NB: Make sure that you leave enough of the doughnut to display all your datasets otherwise the chart will not display. The cutout can be as large as you like if only one dataset.)
  • Option to remove the scale animation used with Pie, Doughnut and Polar Area chart types leaving just a the circular reveal animation.
  • Option to change the start angle of Pie/Doughnut charts
  • Option to display a 'half' Pie or Doughnut chart
  • Option to control whether some (x-axis) labels can be omitted on smaller screens or whether all should be displayed regardless of space
  • A minimum rotation angle can now be set for x-axis labels. This can be anything from 0 (default/horizontal) to 90 (vertical)


  • Increased maximum datasets to 15 (from 10)
  • CSV files can now have blank lines (which will be ignored when parsing)

Bug fixes

  • Setting a maximum axis value was needlessly limited to 100000


23 July 2018

New features

  • Link to a (comma separated values) csv data source:
    • RW resources
    • Warehoused file on server
    • Link to Google Sheet
  • Ability to 'stack' Bar and Line Charts
  • New Chart type: Mixed Chart (Combine bars and lines in a single chart)
  • Ability to set the font used within the chart area
  • Ability to set font size of labels/values on the X and Y axes
  • Ability to set the style of a Line to dashed
  • Added Title and Type details to placeholder in Edit mode
  • Ability to set a maximum and minimum value for the axis
  • Ability to force axis to begin at zero
  • Ability to limit number of ticks used on numerical scale (by quantity or by setting the step size)
  • New control options for Radar chart (Label size and colour, toggle angled lines, gridline colour and width)


  • Timing of the animation when scrolling into view
  • Increased maximum datasets to 10 (from 5)


11 July 2018

Initial release

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