Magic Mouse

Cursor effects

Modern mouse cursor effects for your RapidWeaver / Stacks projects

A perfect fit for stylish sites

Lots of websites these days use interesting cursor effects to further enhance user interest and to complement the modern look and feel that they are striving to achieve. All of this is now available to you in your RapidWeaver projects!
Test it out on this page by hovering your mouse over any buttons or links!

Hover effects

There are numerous options in the Magic Mouse stack that offers a large number of possible effects for styling the cursor and effects.


Cursor styles

You'll see from the images above that there are also a lot of options for styling the cursor. Including showing or hiding the default cursor, having an inner dot and / or an outer circle!

Target anything

You can activate the hover effects for whichever elements on your page that you wish (most commonly it will be buttons and / or navigation items). You can do this by either adding custom CSS names to the desired elements or by using the inbuilt mechanism to target things like Navigation elements or links or buttons etc.

Long story short: you have total control!


You will normally want to just target buttons and / or Navigation elements but you can also target links (like that one there)!.




Hover over the links in the Nav bar to see the effect there too!

Magic Mouse 2 available now!

A brand new version of Magic Mouse is available now. For a limited time get this original (and still great!) Magic Mouse stack for FREE when you buy version 2!

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Magic Mouse

Stunning, modern cursor effects to your RapidWeaver projects

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Below are some of the most common questions about this and our other stacks.

Stack FAQs

YES. These cursor / mouse effects can be used in any framework.
Each framework does things a bit differently but we have full documentation (on our Knowledge Base site and in the demo projects) to support you with whatever your RapidWeaver setup is.

If someone is using a touch device then they will interact with the page as they normally would and this will not affect them at all.

The cursor effect will not work within any iframe elements on your page. Additionally, you can only apply one effect type on a page (which will generally make for a better and more consistent user experience in any case).

General FAQs

All our stacks use only local resources, collect no data and include no calls to remote servers or CDNs etc. As such the stacks are completely GDPR compliant.

We have a full supporting Knowledge Base including articles for all of our stacks and settings. If you can’t find what you need there then do not hesitate to reach out to us via your preferred channel.

The whole site has been built with Source micro framework. In addition, this page also uses (obviously). Finally, this FAQ section has been built with Toggle stack and the Bundle details section above uses Moreish stack.

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