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Charter (StageDive edition)

Do you have InStack's phenomenal StageDive stack/theme? If so then it is now possible to add stunning, informative and fully interactive charts into your presentations.

With Charter (StageDive edition) you can:

  • Add 6 kinds of charts: Pie, Doughnut, Line, Bar (Horizontal and Vertical) and Mixed
  • Add your data directly into the stack
  • Link to a csv data source (RW Resources, a 'warehoused' location or even a Google Sheet!)

Check out the demo on the StageDive website.

The demo shows all of the available chart types in action. When viewing, note that you can hover over the data to see more infomation and you can also 'filter' the chart data by clicking on items within the legend area.

Download now

This stack is available to download for free

The download includes:

  • Charter (StageDive edition). The stack to add to your StageDive projects
  • A project file The project file used for the StageDive/Charter demo is also included. Please use this (and the main Charter web page) to see how to work with charts in your StageDive projects.
  • A CSV file A simple csv file to demonstrate the format required if you wish to use this approach to link your chart to your data

This stack is available for free. Simply download using the button below. Enjoy!

Important notes:

  • The StageDive edition of Charter stack will not work in any other theme / framework. If you wish to add charts to your regular RW projects then you will need the full version of Charter
  • To use Charter (StageDive edition) you will need v1.1.0 of StageDive and need to enable the 'Charter (Stagedive edition)' plugin within the settings of StageDive stack.
  • Not all features of the full Charter version are available within the StageDive edition.
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